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What is the Citizen's Cider Project?

Our Citizen’s Cider Project turns previously neglected apples from local backyards, roadsides, fencerows, and abandoned fields into hard cider. Locals pick the apples and sell them to us. We press the apples to make a truly local, community cider.

How Does it Work?

Bring your unsprayed apples to us and we will pay you $10 for a full bushel or approximately $0.25 per pound. Hint: a bushel and a half works out to the same price as a bottle of our cider - trades are welcome! You can bring apples in any container and we will measure it for you.

When and Where Can We Drop Apples Off?

Drop your apples off at the Banjo Cidery: 614 Sandford Rd, Uxbridge anytime we are open (see hours). Sorry, but we don't accept apples outside of our regular hours.

Apple-Picking Do's and Don'ts

The DON’T’s:

  • No rotten or heavily bruised apples. If the apple feels soft and is deep red, break one open to check for rot. Rot can spoil the cider.

  • No sprayed apples

  • No split-open apples

  • No unripe apples


The DO’s:

  • Apples can be slightly imperfect: blemishes, apple scab, nicks, small bruises are all okay.

  • All apple varieties are welcome. Heritage varieties and crab apples are our favourites. Pears and quince are good as along as they are quite firm and not overly ripe.

  • You can pick over several days as the tree ripens and store them away from sun, rain and critters.