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With all her strength, she raised her trembling hand, touched the face that she could not forget even if she lost all her memories, and said with a smile, "Che, our baby is all right!"! He's a lovely boy! I know. Si Che, I have seen it! Holding back his grief, he answered in a low voice. She smiled with relief and said, "So you've already seen Si Che!"! Great, great.. The more you speak, the more you speak, the more powerless you are. The smile was too empty, too ethereal, and it seemed to dissipate like smoke, which made him very frightened. This fear turned into a roar: "Jay, if you dare to leave me, I will go down with you immediately.". I won't think about it. The maternal instinct made Fu Yunjie feel extremely tired and weak, and Fu Yunjie, who was about to be swallowed up by darkness,Narrow aisle rack, immediately condensed his scattered mind. The already weak hand suddenly grabbed Fan Yangche's arm and pleaded, "You can't.." "I can!" Black eyes flashing unusual firm: "Jay, in my heart no one is more important than you.". Even our son. Five years ago, when I thought you- "He closed his eyes bitterly because he remembered the pain at the beginning, and then opened them again for a long time.". Those firm black eyes are full of deep pain. The pain made Fu Yunjie realize clearly for the first time that for two people who loved each other, the one who was left behind and lived alone was actually the most painful one. She did not want to leave the man she loved, alone in the world,heavy duty racking system, and did not want to see the deep pain in his eyes again. She didn't want to die, she didn't want to die, she really didn't. Her consciousness gradually disintegrated, and the darkness engulfed her. Feeling her eyes closed, Fan Yangche once again could not suppress the pain in his heart and shouted out: "No!" The lament soared into the sky for a long time. Pai Pai forum left. Weixi hand play, reprint please specify The phoenix spreads its wings Chapter 12 The Choice of Yi Tian "General Fu-" the pro-guard could hardly hide his grief and called for his hero. " Lord Yaksha- "The elite soldier sobbed and called his general.". Suddenly, a heavy atmosphere of sadness spread on the battlefield. Everyone is trapped in grief and unable to extricate themselves. At the moment, Fan Yangche just looked at the person in his arms with tenderness. There was no one else in those eyes except the man in his arms. If you still want to save her, let her go! A slightly panting voice came to Fan Yangche's ears and ignited his empty eyes. Fan Yangche hurriedly raised his head and looked at Yi Tian, who had already recovered his original appearance: It's him! The ghost doctor! The ghost doctor who loves Yunjie! The black eyes went straight into the blood-colored eyes to see the sincerity of Yi Tian's eyes. In the discovery of that pair of blood-colored fundus in addition to worry or worry, he knew that this man would save Yunjie. Fan Yangche gently put Fu Yunjie, who had fallen into a deep coma, on the ground. Yi Tian immediately crouched down and felt her pulse, Pallet rack beams ,Pallet rack supplier, frowning: the situation was more serious than he had imagined. Yunjie has been hurt by the scurrying True Qi to the meridians, the heart pulse has been broken, and there is no way to save the day. Yi Tian quickly reached out to the acupoint on her body, then took out a bottle from his bosom, poured out the pills inside and fed them to Fu Yunjie's mouth. After waiting for Yi Tian to finish this series of actions, Fan Yangche asked, "Jie, how is she?" Yi Tian did not raise his head, only said: "Her injury has been temporarily stabilized!"! I will take her to the Valley of Forgetfulness, where there is medicine for her! "I'll go too!" Fan Yangche immediately said. Only then did Yi Tian raise his head and look at the insistence of his eyes with blood before nodding. Seeing this, Fan Yangche breathed a sigh of relief: he was afraid that this man would take Yunjie away again. According to the description of small Si Che, he has been able to roughly deduce that it was this man who took Yunjie and disguised himself as the phenomenon of Yunjie's suspended animation. All over the world, only ghost doctors who are proficient in medicine and transfiguration can do it. Therefore, this time he will go with whatever he says. He doesn't want to lose Yunjie again. The pain of losing a loved one, the pain that pierces the heart, is enough to taste once. —————————————— Forgetful Valley is a very beautiful place: the valley is covered with beautiful flowers, green grass, like a paradise in general. After seeing such beautiful scenery, Fan Yangche, who is well-informed, could not help but secretly admire it in his heart. Yi Tian looked back at Fu Yunjie, who was still in a coma, and looked up at Fan Yangche, who was surrounded by scenery. "Here we are!" He said. Only then did Fan Yangche discover an elegant bamboo courtyard not far ahead. Under the leadership of Yi Tian, Fan Yangche carried the unconscious Fu Yunjie to one of the bamboo houses. After that, Yi Tian told Fan Yangche to take good care of Fu Yunjie before turning around and leaving. At the moment, Fan Yangche did not intend to go out to learn about the bamboo courtyard. Only Fu Yunjie, who was still unconscious, was in his eyes. ———————————————————————— In the most remote corner of the bamboo courtyard, Yi Tian turned a mechanism beside a rockery. Accompanied by the sound of "Dong-", a single-door entrance began to appear in the middle of the rockery. He entered the open entrance at once. With an unusually loud opening of the door in the silence, Yi Tian entered the closed cell. Bloody eyes swept to Chen Qian, who looked unusually emaciated because of torture. The handsome face, which had been gentle and refined, now became thin and pale. Chen Qian just put his eyes on Yi Tian in front of him for a few seconds, and then closed his eyes with a cold face. All this falls in the eyes of Yi Tian. If it was before, he would feel provoked, feel angry, but would want to torture this man who has a similar temperament with Fan Yangche. However, at the moment he felt very admire this man: in the face of such a painful torture, the spirit has not collapsed, still remain indifferent, which requires a strong willpower. Yunjie broke through the imprisonment of the silver needle by force,Narrow aisle rack, and made the True Qi run in disorder. Before Yi Tian had finished speaking, he was interrupted by someone who suddenly appeared in front of him: "How is she?"? How is she now? There was a flash of light in her bloody eyes: "Her meridians have been completely broken.". If I hadn't protected her last breath with Huishen Dan, I'm afraid she would have already. 。


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