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Structure and Content of a Doctoral Dissertation

The most important and fundamental are the requirements that directly affect the writing and preparation of a doctoral dissertation for defense. One of the most important points here is having material properly structured. You might want to inqurie why that is?

Structure and content of a doctoral dissertation

All information reflected in a doctoral dissertation will be reflected in a certain order (from A to Z, so to speak). The VAK distinguishes the following main sections of scientific work: title page, list of abbreviations (glossary), table of contents, main part (divided into chapters and corresponding subparagraphs: theory, analysis, recommendations, approbation), bibliography, applications. Deviation from the declared structure is fraught with disqualification.

What should be considered when completing a doctoral dissertation?

Scope of research is important, as a doctoral dissertation is a full-scale project that outlines the problem and topic from all angles on a specific example, mainly on a global scale. It cannot be laid on 50-100 sheets. The average volume of a doctoral dissertation is about 220-300 A4 pages, while they only state the essence, facts and their analysis (statement), without unnecessary words and water.

Style is also a consideration. Remember that the doctoral dissertation is carried out only in a scientific style using professional terminology, abbreviations, abbreviations, etc. During the registration, the VAC prescribes clear parameters for the design of the study, affecting the font and its size, line spacing, indents and paragraphs, pagination, design options for links / footnotes, lists, general page settings, etc.

Text uniqueness is tantamount, because a doctoral dissertation is an independent work based on an experimental basis and personal developments, but supported by generally recognized and previously proven facts, which account for no more than 15%. Therefore, the uniqueness of this research should be at least 80-85%.

Thus, the requirements for a doctoral dissertation are the most stringent, requiring strict observance and fulfillment in order to obtain admission to attestation and confer the desired academic degree.

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