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What's causing my garbage disposal to back up?

Our plumbers have discovered that a clogged garbage disposal can be caused by a number of factors, the most prevalent of which is inappropriate usage. Many people dispose of food that should not be disposed of in the sink. Furthermore, if you don't use enough water when using the garbage disposal, the food particles won't be flushed down the trap and pipes.

The condition of the blades is one of the less common reasons to evaluate if you're using enough water and only flushing the proper types of food down the drain. Food can dull the system's blades over time, causing them to no longer be sharp enough to cut the food into small enough bits.

A device that is 15 years old or older may also be nearing the end of its useful life. If you have a blockage, give one of our skilled professionals a call. We're right here as your local plumber to make sure your drains are working properly so you don't have to.

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