How to Buy Cider (Updated April 9, 2021)

You can buy cider in person at the cidery's bottle shop window, or you can pre-order online and pick up at the cidery. If you are ordering online, please preorder at least one hour in advance. (Sorry, no shipping or delivery.)

About Our Cider

We use traditional cidermaking methods, which means we allow a long fermentation and aging process, for improved flavour and smoothness. Our ciders are less sweet than many commercial ciders, ranging from our bone dry Revival to our offdry Doppelganger and Citizens Cider, to Rouge and Dueling Banjos on the sweeter side. When we do sweeten, we use natural, local sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. Our ciders are made from organic apples. They are unfiltered to preserve colour and flavour and they are gluten-free. 

E-Gift Card

Looking for the perfect gift for the cider-lover? A Banjo Cider E-Giftcard can be used to purchase any of our ciders or merchandise at the cidery or farmer's markets.




E-gift certificates cannot be redeemed in our online store but e-gift card holders can simply email us at to preorder for contactless pickup.

Cider Prices Include Tax

Merchandise Prices Do Not Include Tax

Pickup Hours:

Friday - 1 to 6 pm

Saturday - 12 to 5 pm

Sunday - 12 to 5 pm

Last updated: April 16 2021

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